New Century is a very popular venue for different kinds of family-friendly events and activities. Since 2017, we have created fun events for the whole community! Small local and family businesses thrive at our venues, due to our strong marketing campaigns and widely recognized promotional channels. Moreover, New Century has also been building strong partnerships with bigger corporations through sponsorships, co-branding, and co-marketing opportunities. 



At New Century Festivals, we give families the best experiences of real happiness, love, and inspiration. We help you develop the advertising exposure you want for your brand and products with many co-branding and co-marketing opportunities available! 

Our goal is to help you reach your marketing goal, and we look forward to helping plan a successful sponsorship program with you. Contact us with all of your marketing objectives so we can develop a customized proposal just for you!   We will provide: 

  • Media Exposure during the events’ Marketing Campaigns: newspaper and radio 
  • Digital & Social Media exposure during the events, such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Event websites. 
  • Outdoor Advertising: posters, postcards, cross-event promotion 
  • On-site Visibility
  • On-site Customer Engagement 
  • Hospitality & Client Entertainment 
  • Post-event marketing: video, interviews, and highlights for future events 


  • The traffic at our events will offer you the best exposure to a very large demographic.
  • It is a perfect opportunity to sell more products with a significant increase in revenue.  
  • These events will generate more leads and referrals for your business.
  • You will meet new customers and build strong solid relationships 
  • The events can provide a strong branding opportunity for your display and booth design.   

Don’t miss your chance to be a Vendor at New Century Festivals!

  1. All vendors are subject to approval by the New Century Festivals’ Committee. Priority will be given to Arts & Crafts that are: based in traditional culture; creative and unique; locally-owned.
  2. No beverages or foods may be sold or distributed from Craft/Sales booths.
  1. A permit is required from Orange County Department of Health; complete and submit a permit application at least 30 days prior to the event. 
  2. All vendors are subject to approval by the New Century Festivals’  Committee. Priority will be given to Food Vendors with traditional cuisines and/or locally-owned. 
  3. Menu items, prices and allergens must be displayed.
  4. No alcohol on fair grounds.
  5. Proof of $1,000,000 COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY is required of all vendors and a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE should accompany application. “New Century Film; Town of Deerpark and All Associated Volunteers” must be added as an ADDITIONAL INSURED TO YOUR POLICY.
  1. Payment to “New Century Film” must accompany application. Vendors not accepted will receive a refund.
  2. Electricity is limited. Basic lighting will be provided. A 20-amp outlet can be purchased for an additional $30; vendors must provide extension cords.
  3. There are no guaranteed booth locations, but every effort will be made to accommodate specific requests. 
  4. Applicants will receive notification of acceptance or rejection one month prior to the festival. Refunds cannot be given for cancellations. 
  5. We are a clean family-friendly festival so please keep this in mind for what you display.
  6. Vendors selling taxable items must provide a tax id number.