9th Annual Moon Festival

Sat. Sep 14, 2024 11am-9pm
Sun. Sep 15, 2024 10am-6pm

New Century  517 Neversink Drive, Port Jervis, NY 12771


The Moon Festival in Orange County is the largest multi-cultural event in the Tri-state region, celebrating one of Asia’s most revered holidays. Generations, young and old, will connect with each other and the local community through soaring music of the erhu, pipa, and other traditional Chinese instruments, tasting moon cakes and authentic cuisine from different regions in China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan, and fun kids activities, such as crafting lanterns and lucky moon rabbits, as well as hopping in the moon bounce. It’s a time of great celebration, family reunion, and gratitude for the blessings and gifts given by Heaven above.

In 2023, the Moon Festival attracted more than 20,000 visitors and 230 vendors over the two-day event, introducing local patrons to inspiring ancient traditions, mystical legends, and timeless, universal values. Sponsorship partners can express their support for diverse art and culture, all while building brand loyalty to an estimated 20,000+ festival-goers in this year’s 9th Annual Moon Festival.

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The 9th Annual Moon Festival celebrates culture, community, and you, our cherished guests from all walks of life. Like Thanksgiving in America, the Moon Festival is one of the most beloved holidays in Asia—a time of reunion with friends and family, feasting, and gratitude for blessings from above.


Mooncakes are a sweet dessert typically filled with lotus seed or red bean paste. A wide range of other ingredients may include a whole egg yolk inside, symbolizing the full moon’s brilliance. Lanterns of every shape and hue illuminate the night and pay homage to Chang’e. Celebrate with family and friends, but take a moment to recall those not present—they are likely gazing upon the same moon!

Lady of the Moon - Chang’e

At the heart of the Moon Festival lies a legendary tale of love and bravery. Enter the world of Chang’e and her husband Hou Yi, when the Earth suffered under the scorching heat of ten suns. A skilled archer, Hou Yi shot down nine suns and brought balance to the world. His valor caught the attention of the Heavenly Queen Mother, who rewarded him with an elixir of immortality. But Hou Yi chose to grow old with his wife and refused to drink the elixir. Alas, fate had other plans. A jealous intruder sought the elixir, and in a desperate bid to protect it, Chang’e consumed it herself.

The elixir granted eternal life—on the moon. Upon drinking it, she floated into the sky and transformed into the Moon Goddess. Since then, the moon shines brightest on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, marking the start of Moon Festival celebrations.

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